Robert Herzog


Wooden & Natural Art

Every moment differs from the other, indeed every human is different in every moment: by no means arbitrary, but in a way reinvented from his own experiences. Then, there are moods, questions which are essential at a certain time, thoughts which we cannot catch or do not want to address.

The same applies for the aesthetical experience, the experience of coping with world and society, and therein: with art. As much as there is an artistic intention, as much as there is a piece of art as itself — every artwork is converted and reinvented in the eye of the beholder.

Instead of expressing one and only my topic in art, with my pieces I want to create places where you can do just so: It's the tension between space — material — light and nature — imitation — reception which creates an atmosphere and a consciousness for the history, the material, the function of form and shape of a certain sculpture or painting. The autonomy of the artwork and the beholder, the convergence of object and association lead to a differing knowledge about the impression.

That does not imply that a piece of art is necessarily without purpose. But that purpose is depending — depending on how history and material lead to new usage, depending on the one who is appropriating the art, depending on the context and time of day one encounters art in.

Please feel invited to get to know my ideas through this page, take your time, and above all: feel invited to re-write the forms, materials and perspectives in your own way.